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NWNP: Special Edition – MoW Press Release

We interrupt the podcast schedule to bring to you this special news bulletin.

Atari and the Neverwinter Nights Podcast sent our very own, Michele aka Liso66, to Los Angeles for a special press event surrounding Mysteries of Westgate.

She interviewed Alan Miranda, CEO of Ossian Studios , and Russ aka Tiberius on the spot! Michele was teased by a few hours of playing MoW and tells us how she did. Check out new screen shots below.

We are happy she managed to survive a day in Beverly Hills and has returned to the fold to tell of it.

So pull up an ear and enjoy!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled podcast .


We at NWNP would like to thank Steven Khoo, Jennifer Chong, and Laura Weir of fortyseven communications. Also Allissa Bell of Atari for making this trip to LA possible.

A special thanks to Ossian and staff for all their hard work! This is a must have adventure pack!

Please check out all the other great reviews from the invited guest.
Suzie Ford (Kalia) – WarCry
Thieves Guild (Dwight Kubach)
Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault (Errol Pinto aka Maximus)
Just RPG (Robert Stock)

MoWscreen00thumb.jpg MoWscreen01thumb.jpg

MoWscreen00thumb.jpg MoWscreen01thumb.jpg

MoWscreen00thumb.jpg MoWscreen05thumb.jpg

MoWscreen06thumb.jpg MoWscreen07thumb.jpg

MoWscreen08thumb.jpg MoWscreen09thumb.jpg


32 Responses

  1. I can only say…… It was a Blast! Getting to play a little bit of MoW was so much fun. Getting to meet so many community reps, as well as Russ and Alan from Ossian.

    Thank you Ossian for the chance to participate. Thanks to the fortyseven communications for getting us all out there.

    And guys. Thanks for picking me to go. I appreciate the experience I got out of it.

    Milk-n-Cookies for all!!!

  2. I think I can speak for Alan also when I say it was fun for us as well, Michele. Glad you had fun, and maybe we can do it again for other…um, secret things we can’t talk about right now.

  3. ooooo! Secrets!! Shame on you Russ! Your such a tease!! :p

  4. yall just grin knowing how much of a tease it is to all of us waiting to play this. I put on my superman underoos and flew over the area to try to be there. I had to of been near when ya thought it was a plane over head. I got lost. this episode was a bit of excitement and was wicked to actuly hear from the location there. awesome show!!

  5. LMAO Skunk! You should have Skyped me.. I could have guided you in with Google… http://www.avalonbeverlyhills.com/?cmpid=GL_ABH

  6. Thank you Michele for going out and doing this. It is great! Thank you Ossian, Alan, Russ, for inviting us and letting us participate. *grabs a cookie, runs into corner to await the release.

  7. You made our front page… looking forward to getting out of the office so I can have a listen!

  8. Great mid-week podcast. I blogged it too!

  9. Meh not first woke up late this morning so I couldn’t be the first to listen and post but you guys are mean. going there playing and NOT telling anyone even a lil sumthing.

    Thanks for goign there Liso

  10. Thanks guys!!!
    Michele RULES!!!!!!!!!
    I think the podcast makes it all MORE REAL than what the written articles can do. The articles are great, but getting to hear Alan and Russ, and Michele and the passion in their voices brings it home for me!!

  11. Great podcast – really enjoyed it.

  12. Great podcast – really interesting to put voices to names too!

  13. Excellent interview. Michelle is definitely the cream of the NWP crop.. :)

  14. Is she gonna start giving out cream and cookies?

  15. If she does we need to make sure to get some before Halloweenfoxy eats ‘em all :)

  16. Are these cookies from the Avalon? ‘Cause if so, pass them here! Those things were dangerous…

  17. lol @ Russ Those cookies should have come with warning labels! Danger: 99% chance of addiction after one bite. 100% chance of calorie overload 99% chance your thighs will widen. Eat at your own risk!

    Thanks for the great comments all. It is easy to get a good show out when you have such an awesome community to work with. :)

    “makes more cookies and pours more milk” No cream here. And the milk is low fat to balance the cookies! :D


  18. Phooey if your gonna blow the diet on cookies, why not go all the way. ;)
    Where’s the iced mocha’s to go with the cookies?

    Congrats on a fantastic show! :)

  19. iced mocha’s with low fat milk? :D

  20. Same logic that allows me to order a Jack-in-the-Box Ultimate Cheeseburger, jumbo fries…. and a diet coke. :D

  21. And can you super size that with a diet coke? :D hehe

  22. Nice behind the scene look at Mow. There is also this effusive write up at Thieves Guild.Net


  23. Yep that link is up in the article. Thanks!
    *grabs more cookies

  24. As long as you supersize the diet coke you’re allowed to supersize the fries too, yes :)

  25. If you’re not gonna finish those fries… uh… *looks hungry*

  26. As one of the AUTHORS of the written articles, I’m not MAD at Ashercon’s statement…just terribly hurt.


    *steals the entire plate of cookies and threatens Ashercon with bodily harm if he dares approach*

  27. I said they were great. *slowly backs away from Kalia

  28. Better back away faster than that, mister! *holds a cookie threateningly* Don’t make me hurt this innocent cookie.

  29. lol @ Kalia

    Your write up was awesome! Matter of fact. It is even posted at the bouncy rock forums too :)

    Now for that poor cookie……………… :D

  30. Ive said many times on and off record that your an awesome writer!! Come on crew back me up here!!!!!
    *bows before the mighty listening to the cookies wimper

  31. Yes, Trey has sung the praised of Kalia’s articles!!

    *hands Trey a special force field cookie*

  32. I can vouch for that.. If I had a nickel for every time I heard Trey say, “did you read what Kalia wrote..” .. I’d have.. well.. more than a nickel.

    Grabs a handful of cookies and eats like the cookie monster.

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